Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well, its been an eventful couple of weeks around here! I haven't been very good at updated the blog so I'll try and catch everyone up :) Like I said in my last post, my doctors have been watching my blood pressure because it seemed to be slightly elevated at my last doctors visit. After a restful weekend, Monday and Tuesday of last week I went back to work. I was still feeling really run down by the end of the day so I was very anxious for my appointment on Wednesday to see what Dr. Oliviera would say. At her office, my blood pressure was great (120/80) and Aubree sounded wonderful. She did however send me up to have a sonogram to check the fluid around the baby and make sure things looked okay since I had been having some blood pressure problems. I called Jon and told him I was on my way for a sonogram and he was bummed that he was going to miss it! He hasn't missed one yet. At Dr. Weiss' office they monitored Aubree for about 15 minutes and then took my blood pressure. It read high at his office (for some reason is always does), but the fluid around Aubree looked great and he assured me that she looked wonderful. Then he said "but I think we may admit you for 24 hours of observation just to make sure your blood pressure doesn't cause any problem." I was SHOCKED! This is the only sonogram I had gone to alone and here he was telling me I was on my way to the hospital. I kept asking him "but you're sure Aubree is okay right." I wanted to make sure he hadn't seen anything on the sonogram and was just afraid to tell me, ha! He left me in the room alone while he went to call Dr. Oliviera and consult with her. I called Jon and told him he may need to find a sub for the rest of the day because it sounded like I was on my way to admitting. Needless to say, he was a little shocked as well! To make a long story somewhat short, I was admitted for observation for 24 hours and then released home and instructed to stay in bed or on the couch. While I was in the hospital, my blood pressure remained stable (130/70's) and Aubree sounded great each time they monitored her.

Since then, I have been resting on the couch, reading lots of books, and watching TV. I think the dogs like the company during the day :) I saw Dr. Oliviera again yesterday and we set my induction date for March 25th!!!!! She said with patients who start to show signs of high blood pressure they usually deliver between 38-39 weeks. That combined with her size led us to this date! We go in for a sonogram and another appointment with Dr. Oliviera on Monday. If Aubree continues to measure REALLY big she did say she may push the date up even further! We are hoping to hold out until the 25th and give her plenty of time to completely develop before she arrives! Until then, you know where you can find me :)

PS- A HUGE thank you to all our friends and family for all the prayers, phone calls, and well wishes! It is so comforting to know that we have so many people praying for us! From the dinners that have already started pouring in to the cleaning provided by our wonderful parents...we couldn't be more grateful! We truly have the most wonderful friends and family. We are soooo blessed :) We love each and every one of you!