Sunday, February 28, 2010

Showered with Love AGAIN...and an Unexpected Doctor's Visit

Sunday, February 22nd, Jon's cousin Donna and our sister-in-law, Addie hosted a beautiful shower for little miss Aubree Mae. The food was delicious and everything was decorated really cute! Donna and Addie did a wonderful job and Aubree got even more goodies. It is safe to say that this little girl is already spoiled rotten. I enjoyed seeing great friends that I hadn't seen in a while and visiting with everyone. Thank you to everyone who came and shared this special time with us. We are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. Below are some pictures of the shower:
Bena and Nanny

Granny, Nanny, and Aunt Gail

The wonderful hostesses: Donna and Addie

Addie and Donna's diaper cake :)

The beautiful quilt Norma's sister-in-law made!

This past week has been a little too eventful! I had been feeling really tired and worn down and just had a "funny feeling" that I couldn't really describe. On Tuesday, I started having a really bad pain in the middle of my stomach that just would not go away! I had been checking my blood pressure on and off throughout the week and it seemed to be running a little higher than usual (130's/high 80's). After a few days of high readings and a pain that wouldn't go away, I decided to call my doctor on Thursday. I figured she would have me come in on Friday to check things out, but I was a little alarmed when she said she wanted me to come in within the hour to have blood work done. My wonderful team at school covered my class until a sub could get there and Jon and I headed to the doctor. They took blood and checked my blood pressure (which seemed to have gone down a bit, thank goodness) and sent me home with orders to go to bed until my appointment the following morning. My mom came up Thursday evening and brought us dinner and spent the night so she could take me to my appointment so Jon wouldn't have to take off another day. She also cleaned our kitchen, did laundry, and waited on me. What would we do without our mom's! At my appointment on Friday, my blood pressure was good, but still a little higher than my usual readings (130/82). Dr. Oliviera said my blood work looked great, but she did want me to prepare for possibly going on bed rest within the next seven to ten days. Since we have been watching my blood pressure from the beginning she doesn't want to take any chances as we near the end of the pregnancy. She said that since I have a physically demanding job, I may find myself resting in bed for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I told her we would do whatever it took to get Aubree here safe and sound. Aubree sounded great on the doppler..her heartbeat was strong. She is resting completely on my right side. I don't know how in the world she fits over there, but I'm guessing she will spread out soon when she runs out of room. Dr. Oliviera okayed me to go back to work on Monday and Tuesday but told me to take it easy after work. I go back to see her on Wednesday to see how things are going. Until then, we are continuing to pray for low bp numbers :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow..and 33 Week Appointment

A few weeks ago, we had record snow fall!!! I think we got about 10 inches here in Van Alstyne and the dogs (and Jon) were loving it. School let out at 12:30 on Thursday and we soon found out that it was cancelled for Friday as well. Woohoo! It's always fun when we have cancellations/vacation days since we both teach. Jon and I enjoyed spending the day together. When we got home on Thursday, we were excited to take the dogs out and see how they would react to all the snow. Yoda hated it, but Sammie Jo and Roscoe loved running around and trying to find their tennis ball that kept getting burried in the snow. Below are some pictures from our snow day. I stayed on the porch and played photographer :)

Jon throwing a huge snowball at Sammie Jo.

Playing with their toys

The front of the house after several hours of snow!

Sammie Jo!

Yoda (peeking out from behind Jon)

Roscoe waiting for Jon to throw the ball

Sammie Jo trying to get Yoda off the porch. She loves to be chased!
33 Week Appointment

The following Monday, I had an afternoon of appointments. I took half the day off because I knew I would be at the doctor's office/hospital all afternoon. I started off at the hospital doing our pre-registration. It was very surreal to see all the sweet babies in the nursery and then think about how that will be our baby in about a month! After I met with the pre-registration nurse, I headed to Dr. Weiss' office for our sonogram. Jon and my mom met me there and we were all very excited to see sweet Aubree. I was very anxious to see how much she had grown since she was measuring so big at our last appointment. Dr. Weiss measured the fluid around Aubree and took all his measurements and said she looked wonderful. After plugging in all his numbers he said "Well, she jumped up a few percentile points (last time she was in the 75% )." Jon and I both looked at each other as Dr. Weiss proceeded to tell us that our sweet baby girl was now in the 80% for weight and was weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds 4 ounces!!! My mom just laughed and Jon looked shocked. I asked Dr. Weiss how big he thought she would be if I carried her to term and all he would say was "big." Ha! From there, I headed to my Ob's office. I was thrilled when I walked in because no one was in the waiting room. Woohoo! I usually have to wait at least an hour because I take the last appointment of the day. It was nice to be in and out for a change. Dr. Oliveria listened to Aubree's heartbeat and again assured us that everything was proceeding as planned. My blood pressure continues to be normal (an answer to many prayers). She also told me that if Aubree continues to grow at the such a fast rate, that she would most likely induce me early so that I have a chance of having her normally (and so she wouldn't be 12 pounds, ha!) It looks as though we will get to meet our sweet Aubree Mae in March. I got back to the doctor on March 1st and we have another sonogram on March 15th. I'm assuming that after that sonogram we will have a better idea of when we will get to meet our sweet baby girl!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mom's Nanny Shower

The sweet ladies at my mom's work threw her a "Nanny Shower" last week. She got a TON of baby things to keep at her house for when Aubree goes to visit! Take a look at all her goodies....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Showered with Love! (Pass the Pedialite)

This post is long overdue!!! On February 6th my Aunt and Mom threw an AMAZING shower for little Miss Aubree Mae! We had the shower at "Wonderful World of Cooking" in Carrollton. We had a yummy lunch (chicken salad, fruit, and spinach salad) and Aubree got so many precious goodies! The Wednesday before the shower, things were NOT great in my world. Jon came down with the stomach flu and was sick Monday and Tuesday. I was able to avoid the sickness for one whole day before it hit me with a vengeance! I got the wonderful stomach bug Wednesday night. To me, this is the worst kind of sick and when you have another human growing inside of you its extra rough! I was sick ALL night Wednesday and most of the day on Thursday. My fever finally broke on Friday morning and I spent my birthday piled in the bed with Roscoe, Yoda, and Sammie Jo to keep me company. My doctor called in a prescription that would dissolve on my tongue and once I kept that down I started feeling much better. I was good to go in time for my shower on Saturday. Below are some pictures from our wonderful day (I am 31 weeks pregnant here)! We are so blessed to have so many great people in our lives. I can't wait to introduce Aubree to all our wonderful friends and family who we love so very much!
Aubree's AWESOME cake! It was so yummy and toooo cute!
Nanny and I! Thanks for all your help with the shower Mom!
Terry, Aunt Gail, and Freida...Thanks for your help with the shower Aunt Gail!
My cousins, Andrea and Erica

Awesome teacher friends...Statia and Windy. My team got Aubree her first Panther outfit to wear to Daddy's games! Jon wanted to know if we could use it as her "coming home outfit" :) Thanks girls!
Lewisville teaching friends..Kerry, Cheryl, and Donna
Mamaw Nina and Bena
Me and Granny! She is sooo excited to be a great Granny!
Mal and Rachel (the photographer :)
The pretty table before everyone arrived!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mamaw Nina!!!

On Saturday, January 30th Jon and I helped Mamaw Nina celebrate her 80th Birthday!!! Below are some pictures from Mamaw's big day. We love you Mamaw Nina!

Mamaw Nina and her sister

Laney and Uncle Jon

Jon and Mamaw Nina

Me and Jon

Preggo Dinner

I have been a terrible blogger lately! Things have been getting a little hectic around here as we prepare for little Miss Aubree's arrival. I'm going to try to update the blog with a few new posts later tonight or tomorrow. Until then....A few weeks ago, we had a preggo dinner at Glorias in Addison. The food was yummy and it was fun to talk to everyone about what they are experiencing during their pregnancy. We are definitely going to have to get this group of babies together for a play date after they all make their debut!

Lindsey: due March (girl), Me: due April (girl), Stefani: due May (boy), Lindsay: due May (girl), Erin: due May (boy)