Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank you Nanny and Poppy!

As I have said a million times before, we have the most amazing family! A few weekend ago, Nanny and Poppy (my parents) came over and cleaned and organized our garage. Jon's weekends have been filled with basketball and that weekend he was helping with a power lifting tournament. I am to the point that simply bending over to put on my socks leaves me winded so I haven't been able to tackle the dreaded garage. The mess out there was seriously about to start giving me panic attacks! I wanted it cleaned up so we could get one car in the garage before Aubree makes her arrival. Nanny and Poppy came to the rescue. After a few hard hours of work (which involved my sitting in a chair and directing the madness while my parents worked their tails off), our garage in CLEAN! I probably shouldn't admit this, but we haven't had a car in the garage since we moved here over a year and a half ago! Please tell me someone else has this problem too. Now, my car fits in the garage and Jon and I are determined to keep it that way! Thank you Nanny and Poppy for all of your hard work. We truly appreciate it and we love you very much!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chunky Monkey-29 Week Appointment

We had our 29 week appointment on Monday as well as another sonogram. We started out at Dr. Weiss' office for our sonogram and got great news. Aubree continues to grow VERY well. In fact we found out that she is already 3 pounds, 4 ounces! Jon's response was "wow!". She was very hyper all day on Monday and she continued her crazy dance moves during the sonogram. Dr. Weiss couldn't get a very good picture because she was so busy moving around! He measured the fluid around her and said everything was measuring where it should be.

After our sonogram, Jon headed to the Stars game with Blake while I went downstairs to see Dr. Oliviera for my regular appointment. I have gained 20 pounds which according to the nurse is great. Carrying around these extra twenty pounds doesn't feel so great! My blood pressure was normal and Aubree's heartbeat was strong. The first thing Dr. Oliviera said when she came in was "Go Baby Enlow! She is growing!" She then informed me that she is already in the 75 percentile for weight. Yikes! I was a little over seven pounds when I was born and I think Jon was over 8 so it looks like we will have a little chunky monkey if I go full term (which we are praying for). It was great to hear that our little girl is growing strong and everything looks healthy. I go back in four weeks for another sonogram and doctors appointment. We'll see how many pounds she can pack on in the next four weeks. I hope she knows that her mom is only 5 foot tall!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Work in Progress!

The nursery project began last weekend! I have been very anxious to get this project started and finished. Bena and Granddaddy (Jon's parents) came and stayed with us for the weekend. With some help from Jon, they painted the nursery as well as a wall in our kitchen that needed some touch ups. The room turned out great! The pink was a bit shocking at first because we are use to seeing either white or brown on all our walls, but it matches her bedding great and it looks wonderful now that all the furniture is in! We still have a lot to do (curtains, wall hangings, spelling her name with letters, etc.) but its coming along great. I am so pleased with how it looks so far and I can't wait to decorate even more!

I'm 28 weeks this week and I continue to feel good. Everything feels like its stretching out so I have been a little sore the last few weeks. It's getting harder and harder to do everyday things. Putting my socks on is quickly becoming Jon's job :) With my height (or lack there of) poor Aubree doesn't have much room in there so it feels like she is growing straight out! I love sitting and watching her move around in my stomach. Jon was FINALLY able to feel her move last Saturday. As I said before, she liked to play tricks on him and freeze as soon as he would put his hand on my stomach. I guess that game is over because he has felt her moving around almost everyday since Saturday. I love it! We go back to the doctor on Monday for a sonogram and a check-up. We can't wait to see sweet Aubree Mae!

Jon loves painting :)

Granddaddy doing what he does best..boss people around!

28 Weeks!

The view looking into her room!

Sammie wanted to help!

Aubree's crib bedding!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sneak Peak!

We got Aubree's bedding last week and I absolutely LOVE it! We ordered it from a lady who hand makes everything and sells on ebay! She did such a great job. Bena and Granddaddy are coming this weekend to help paint her room and her furniture is hopefully being delivered in a few weeks. Jon, TC, and Dad put the glider together tonight while we watched the Cowboys. I can't wait to see it all put together. Here is a sneak peak of her bedding:

I LOVE the colors!

26 Weeks and New Years Eve!

Jon and I rang in the New Year at the Stars Game. This has become one of our favorite date nights! We saw a great game and we finally got to some great fights, ha! Loui Erickson got a hat trick and led the Stars to Victory. Mallory and TC were also at the game.

In baby news, I reached the 26 weeks mark on New Years Eve! I continue to feel great, however I think I may have overdone it a bit the last few days with all the cleaning and organizing. I luckily have a wonderful husband who has been a huge help! I've been really sore for the last few days and it feels like my belly is stretching out. My belly button is seriously on the verge of popping out :) I guess Aubree needs some more room in there! We are in the process of signing up for our classes at the hospital and completing our pre-registration. We also completed our registry at Babies-R-Us! That was a bit overwhelming, but Jon had a great time with the scanner. I got a little worried when the lady helping us told Jon he could go over and scan video games from Toys-R-Us. Luckily he contained himself and we stuck to baby items! Jon said that he realized how close we were getting to meeting sweet Aubree while we were picking out all her things! Only 14 short weeks and we'll be parents! We love speculating who she will look like, how she will act, and what the first few weeks will hold. We grow more and more excited to meet her with each passing day!

We had to get Aubree a hat so she would be prepared when she attends her first Stars Game :)
Steve Ott taking care of a guy that started a fight. We had great seats!
Mal and TC!
Happy New Year! Jon shaved his facial hair last week and is now growing his beard back! Yeah!

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I apologize that this post if late, but we have been cleaning, organizing and enjoying some down time during our last few days of Christmas break. We had a wonderful Christmas this year and were able to spend time with the Enlow's and McKee's. We started our holiday marathon with Christmas Eve at Mamaw Nina's house. We had a wonderful lunch and visited with family. From there, we went to Coppell to open presents with my parents, sister, and grandparents. We got lots of goodies including our video camera! Aubree even got a few presents including a precious hat that I'll have to post a picture of later. After we opened presents and ate another yummy meal, Jon and Mom were ready to challenge Mallory and I in a game of spades. We played two games and Mal and I won both :) On Christmas morning, we combined the Enlow and McKee traditions and had monkey bread as well as sausage rolls. Yum! We were suppose to head to Bowie, but a blizzard decided to hit and change our plans. Jon and I headed to Keller to spend some time with Blake, Addie, and precious little Laney. Dwayne and Brenda were able to brave the weather and join us that evening so that we could prepare for the annual after Christmas shopping adventure! We passed the time by playing two more games of spades. Unfortunately Jon, lost both times again! :) The day after Christmas we stocked up on paper plates, cups, napkins, etc. On Sunday, we finally made our way to Bowie to spend Christmas with the Enlow's. We again got lots of goodies and Aubree even got a few presents! We played two more rounds of spades and Dwayne and I were once again the winners :) Just thought I would rub that in a bit more in case Jon didn't hear enough heckling throughout the holidays! We had a wonderful Christmas and loved spending time with our families. We are looking forward to waking up in our house on Christmas morning next year for the first time since we have been married. We can't wait to share this special time our year with our baby girl!

Sammie enjoying the snow!
Laney saying hello to Bruno and Versey!
Laney and Uncle Jon watching a video :)
Sweet little Laney!