Friday, July 2, 2010

Jon's First Father's Day!

Aubree and Jon had a great time celebrating Father's Day. Aunt Cheryl and Sandee came all the way from California to meet Aubree and were in town for fathers day weekend. After spending some time at our house, we headed to Coppell to meet everyone for a father's day dinner. We went to Celebration (one of Jon's favorite restaurants) and had a wonderful meal! A few weeks before father's day, Jon enjoyed a round of golf for part of his present and then I had a key chain made for him with Aubree's picture in it for him to remember his first fathers day. This sweet little girl is completely in LOVE with her daddy. As soon as he comes in a room and she hears his voice, she starts looking for him. When she sees him, she gets the biggest smile on her face! It is truly amazing to see the love they have for each other. I could not have asked for a more loving father for our daughter. We are blessed beyond belief! We love you daddy!

The day we came home from the hospital. Soooo much in love already!

Having a little chat!
Now that is one big toy dangling from her play mat!
Aubree and Daddy on Father's Day!
Our little family of 3! Nice face Aubs!

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