Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Better late than never :) I figured I better get this up before Aubree hits the five month mark. Here were her 4 month stats at her appointment:

weight: 15 lbs 10 oz (87%)
length: 24 inches (42%)--sorry Aubs, this is your mommy's fault :)
head: 16.75 inches (86%)--all brains I'm sure!

Aubree's Fourth Month:

-She continues to sleep through the night, woohoo! She goes to bed between 8 and 9 and wakes up between 6 and 7.

-She is a very happy baby, but doesn't like to be left alone. If I leave her on her playmat and leave the room she cries until someone comes back in the room with her.

-She loves her jumperoo.

-She rolled over for the first time on July 24th :)

-We are waiting to start cereal/oatmeal or any foods until a little later because she has a milk allergy. Our pediatrician said she is more likely to be allergic to other foods as well...booo!

-She usually takes three naps a day...two short ones and a longer afternoon nap.

-She continues to eat 6 ounces every 3 to 4 hours.

-She loves watching her four legged brothers and sister run around. Her eyes get huge as she watches them.

-Cousin Molly was born July 13th. We are so excited for Aubree to have a cousin so close in age.

-She took her first trip to Bowie at the end of June. She loved staying with Bena and Granddaddy but wasn't too sure about her swimming pool.

-She has the prettiest big brown eyes and LONG eyelashes! They go perfect with her chubby little cheeks!

-Aubree continues to amaze us with how much she changes each and every day. She is such a blessing and has brought so much joy to our lives! We love you Aubree Mae!

Such a happy girl before her shots. She did much better this time and didn't hold her breath as long as last time.

Not so happy after her shots. Poor little chunky legs. :(

Pretty girl!

Four Months-July 22, 2010!

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